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In our area there are many possibilities to enjoy nature. You´ll find waterfalls everywhere you look, beautiful canyons, rivers which are filled with salmon and trout, protected bird area and easy acces to the impressive wideness of the highlands. Here we would like to give you a short impression of our area!

We will be happy to provide information about walkingtrails. From short and more easy walks to hiking which takes a whole day. Personal guide available if requested.

My favorit hikingtrail is to walk with the canyon of Vatnsdalsá. There are many beautiful waterfalls in a row, you will be surrounded by unspoiled nature which is so overwhelming that you will never forget!

We can help you to get acces to troutfishing

Our river Vatnsdalsá is the river in Iceland where you have the best chance of catching enourmous salmon. For more information visit the homepage:

With short notice it is possible to fish in small rivers or little lakes, you will find shining trout in them.

The wideness of the highlands are impressive. From our area you have easy acces to this area. Once upp the view is unbelievable. You will see three glaciers, mountains which are situated in Borgarfjörður, Skagafjörður or even more east.

For people who are in good shape and not affraid of height, a walk that takes about 1,5-2 hours:

Don´t feel like a longer walk? Around our farm there are also nice places to go for a walk and enjoy the silence!


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