Brekka is2004258316 frá Hólum




Brekka is not shown, due to the fact that she broke her fibula in her hind leg. She was trained though, and very promising and a joy to work with. Brekka has a very interesting pedigree and therefore we do not hestitate to use her in breeding.

Her father Rökkvi frá Hárlaugsstöðum is judged with 9,5 for trot and beauty under rider, 9 for tölt, canter, temperament and slow tölt. Besides these fabulous notes in breedingshow Rökkvi has been among the best competitionhorses in topplaces.

On mothersside Brekka is not less interesting. Her mother recieved 9 for tölt. She has given first prize off spring. Brekka owns a first price full sister, fourgaited with 9 for tölt. And another brother of her is judged with 8,48 and he is starting a great career as a sportshorse.