Horses from Hof í Vatnsdal

Hof is an Icelandic breeding- and tradingstable with around 55 horses of all ages. There are about 40 young horses (0-4 years old), 7 broodmares and the others are trained ridinghorses. All our broodmares are trained and shown, you will find them in the Icelandic Stud Book. We decided to have fewer breeding mares to be able to select the best out of them. The selection takes places based on their breeding qualities and individual scores. We use only first class stallions (a.o. Kolfinnur frá Kjarnholtum, Hrafn frá Holtsmúla, Óður frá Brún, Kormákur frá Flugumýri, Rökkvi frá Hárlaugsstöðum, Sveinn Hervar frá Þúfu).

The herd runs free in the mountains until the horses are five years old. They are haltertrained earlier, but only for a very short time so that the horses will continue to develop their own personality. The real training starts when the horse is five years old. We try to bring out the natural tölt which our horses have, but without loosing the willing spirit which they are known for.

Hof was the first farm on Iceland who finished the ´Gæðastyring´. That means that we guarantee that our horses got everything they need to grow up into a well muscled, healthy horse. They live where there is enough grass during the summer, they ar fed the hay they need during the winter, they recieve regular deworming and shoeing and of course everything else you can imagine a horse does need.

But it means also that we guarantee that the pedigree of all the horses born on our farm is correct. And last but not least we take care that do not take any abuse of the land we own, there will not be any more animals grazing our fields than our fields supply grass for. You can recognize the farms which are considering these facts on the gæpðastyring sign!

Future buyers are welcome to stay at our farm and take all the time they need to try out all our horses, observe them in the field and we are willing to help you as you please. At the same time we will show you how our horses grow up in Iceland and even more important why they are so special!