Our Guesthouse

Preparing your holiday to Iceland?

I´d welcome you to step by our farm and spend the night in our guesthouse. We have a cozy home waiting for you. Ten double rooms, of them 6 have a private bathroom, a nice place to have breakfast or diner. Outside the hot pot is waiting to be opened.

In the evening we will have a nice dinner with the fire inside, outside enjoying the view in summertime or you can use our grillhouse!

The possibilities to enjoy yourself are endless. The beautiful nature surrounds us everywhere. If you like to get in touch with Icelandic farmanimals we have sheep, horses, chicken, a dog and a cat! You maybe just want to do nothing? Then you just make yourself comfortable!

Doesn´t that sound nice? Contact us here for more info!

If you are on Iceland around the 23rd. of june, the day we call Jónsmessa it will be worth to pay us a visit. This day is the longest day in the year and we will enjoy the sunset over the ocean. Take an easy walk up one of our beautiful hills and enjoy the sky turning many different colours and the river turning gold.


You can make reservations directly at or contact the farmerholidays associations at