It´s been a long time, so I will try to tell you everything that has happened….

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8. November 2013

I has been way to long ago that I updated the homepage. So now I try and start to tell more here about the horses and life at our farm! I thought for a start I will tell you about the foals we got last spring. There were some really lovely and interesting ones! Orrahríð got a chestnut stallion with a star after Gammur frá Steinnesi. Gammur is a first prize stallion with 9 for tölt. He is from our area and we have seen many off spring after him, and they are good-looking, very nice tempered and with good gaits. The name of this little stallion is Oddi. Orrahríð is now pregnant with Stáli frá Kjarri for 2014.

Klóra got a yellow dun stallion with a blaze after Stáli frá Kjarri. Stáli is one of the more populair stallions in Iceland. He is judged with 9,09 for riding! And his off spring are participating today in many shows and competition. The name of this foal is Kraki, he is good-looking, big and shows lots of tölt! Klóra is now pregnant with Spuni frá Vesturkoti for 2014.

Kantata got a black stallion foal after WorldChampion Spuni frá Vesturkoti. Gorgeous foal, everything you could wish for. Kantata is pregnant with Aríon frá Eystri-Fróðholti for 2014.

Þekla got a chestnut foal after Konsert frá Korpu. Goodlooking stallion with lots of tölt. Konsert is judged with 8,61 and is one of the horses who has done very well in competition even though he is still very young. Þekla is pregnant with Óskasteinn frá Íbishóli.

Brekka got a mare foal, chestnut with two stars, after Toppur frá Auðsholtshjáleigu. Toppur is a young stallion that is judged with 8,49. He is gorgeous and promising a lot for the future. This little mare is named Barátta. Brekka got a terrible accident where she broke her leg, after months of recovery and hard work, she has totally healed and is looking happy again. Barátta is her first foal. Brekka is pregnant with Kinskær frá Selfossi for 2014.


Varpa got a chestnut stallion after Álfur frá Selfossi. Very good-looking foal, totally a son of Varpa, as her off spring are look alikes! Varpa is pregnant with Kinskær frá Selfossi for 2014

Ísold got a black mare foal after Blær frá Torfunesi. Blær is shown with 8,55 as an overal score.

Then we bred my two princesses…..  I already miss them in the stable, but I guess I will be very happy next spring when their foals arrive. Eyvör was bred to Hersir frá Lambanesi. Hersir is the highest judged 4y old stallion this year with 8,38 as an overal score and 8,63 for riding! And Snerpa is bred to the four year old, yellow dun buckskin son of Þristur frá Feti, named Steggur frá Hrísdal. He was shown at Fjórðungsmót and looked superb, so smooth and high action, lovely! Steggur is a first prize stallion.

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