Our Farm

Our Farm

Hof is a working farm since the year 895 ad. But has been in our family since 1895. The name Hof comes from the old Norse language, it meant a temple or holy place.  The first inhabitant on Hof were heden and not Christian. Christianity was taken up by law in Iceland in the year 1000. Until probably around 1700 there was a church at Hof. In 2009 we found the graveyeard which had been in use since 1000 ad.

Today we run a working farm with sheep, horses and a guesthouse. Hof is more than 1000ha big. The land is diverse, from hayfields to mountains, with a lot of different vegetation. The rockformations are impressive, and  part of the landscape is shaped by sea and glaciers and the last iceage.

At the moment there are  almost 700 sheep in wintertime in the stable. They give birth to their lambs in early may and live in the summertime on the mountains. In early september they are gathered from the mountains and come home again.

The horses are around 60 altogether. From newborn foals up to well trained ridinghorses. We try to breed friendly horses, with good gaits and beautyful looks.

At Hof we started planting of trees in the 1930´s. There is a small forest which has fully grown. In 2002 we decided to expand the planting of trees. We took about 40ha and planted around 65.000 small trees.

The trees are of all types.

We also have some small animals like chicken, ducks, dogs and a cat.